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    Digi-Lite 2.0

    Next Gen Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound by Rimed

    Powered by Auto-Track ™ – Automated Signal Tracking Software

    Digi-Lite 2.0 is the latest innovation in Transcranial Doppler technology, offering faster and more accurate results in capturing real-time information about cerebral blood flow and facilitating the detection of stenosis and emboli flowing in the bloodstream.

    With 2X faster processing speed and automated signal tracking software Digi-Lite 2.0 provides healthcare professionals with the ultimate technology solution to diagnose & monitor patients with cerebrovascular diseases, with ease and accuracy.


    The Rimed Auto-Track™

    The revolutionary signal acquisition software uses a patented predictive algorithm to seek, track and maintain the best Doppler signal on every main blood vessel of the brain.

    Our LMY-3 headset equipped with 2 Mhz probes, ensures stable positioning on the head while the software automatically adjusts and finds the best doppler signal for accurate results.


    Automatically Detect & Maintain the Best Doppler Signal

    The Need

    Manual tracking
    The manual TCD tracking process requires time and resources from the clinical team and creates a risk for error

    The Solution
    The Auto-Track™ activation

    Auto-Track ™ streamlines the diagnostic & monitoring processes, reducing the risk of errors and improving workflow efficiency.

    Auto-Track allows Neurology , Stroke & NICU clinical teams to focus on the patient instead of technicalities, promoting a better patient care.


    Improve your cerebrovascular diagnostic capabilities with Digi-Lite 2.0

    Easy to
    Quick set-up and learning curve, making it easy for clinicians to use effectively
    Allows detection of blood flow velocity of both sides of the brain and advanced emboli detection and verification software
    Improved workflow
    Faster examination time and improved accuracy, streamlining workflows and reducing the risk of errors
    40 years of
    Rimed has been pioneering the TCD technology since 1982, helping tens of thousands of neuro clinicians worldwide to promote stroke diagnosis and improve patient outcomes


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