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    Auto-Track™ allows automatic selection of a specific depth based on blood flow detection, eliminating the need to change depth manually, and thereby enabling the physician or technician to focus on the patient.

    Based on blood flow detection and blood vessel characteristics, the Auto-Track feature will automatically adjust to the most optimal depth and maintain the best signal. Each blood vessel has different “searching criteria” that are based on location, flow direction and energies. The smart software can detect a specific blood vessel automatically.

    Auto-Track aids transcranial Doppler (TCD) operators in achieving optimal insonation much more effectively for specific blood vessels while staying focused on the patient and the probe. If needed, it also allows depth correction during prolonged monitoring studies to maintain a strong, steady signal.

    Auto-Track is applicable for both unilateral, bilateral and monitoring studies.


    Next Gen Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound by Rimed

    Auto-Track Key Features & Benefits

    • Maintains a strong and steady signal — essential for optimal insonation and accurate results
    • Improves ease of use for the physician and technician —focus on the patient
    • Allows automatic depth corrections during prolonged monitoring studies, unilateral and bilateral
    • Reduces the time of insonation during diagnostic studies — departments can accommodate more patients for improved ROI
    • Puts an advanced tool in the hands of new or TCD technicians and physicians — departments have additional staff members that can operate the machine correctly


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