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    Lung Ultrasound Using Digi-Lite IP+™

    Lung ultrasound (LUS) is readily available at bedside, free from hazardous radiation, and can be analyzed in real time. All these features make it useful in reducing the need for bedside X-ray and chest CT. In addition, LUS has proven to be superior to bedside chest X-ray and equal to chest CT in diagnosing many pleural and lung pathologies.

    Among the main causes of admission to the emergency room for COVID-19 patients: difficulty breathing or the presence of respiratory failure. Due to progressive clinical instability and its highly contagious nature, COVID-19 makes it difficult to move patients from one setting to another in hospital facilities.

    Using Digi-Lite IP+, clinicians can recognize signs of initial lung involvement showing sporadic non-confluent B lines, uncommon subpleural consolidations, and sporadic pleural thickening — even in patients with milder cases of the disease.



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