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Rimed was established in 1982 by Joseph Adlin. Since then, the company has been developing, manufacturing and exporting 7 generations of non-invasive transcranial Doppler systems.

Rimed introduced into the market the first PC-based peripheral Vascular Doppler and was also the first to introduce the customizable “summary screen” concept which has since been adopted by other companies.

The company now offers a new line of digital transcranial Dopplers with M-Mode as well as an integrated carotid imaging probe.


Rimed TCD in the Neuro ICU

Since 1982. NOW with Revolutionary
Auto-Track™ Predictive Metrics Software

Rimed innovative TCD and Carotid Duplex studies are non-invasive ultrasound methods used to examine the blood circulation of the arteries in your head and neck that supply oxygenated blood to your eyes and brain

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TCD in Use with COVID-19

COVID-19 and TCD based on recent researches

Recent researches results describe COVID-19 as less of a lung disease and more of a systemic vascular disease
that may lead to strokes.

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Lung Ultrasound Using Digi-Lite IP+

Enables the very much in demand lung ultrasound examination to support the diagnosis of COVID-19

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Digi-Lite-IP lungs